There is a cemetery on a farm owned by a family member and they desired to add a place in it for relatives that have been cremated. I made a bronze box for this and my brother built it into the surrounding stone wall.

Spot Welder

I didn't like how soldering was going on some sheet metal boxes so I made the jump to spot welding. I don't have the money or space for a nice stationary system so I bought a harbor freight unit and immediately started turning it into something useable.

Gear Repair

I was making a part at work on the sheldon lathe and noticed that I had a hard time moving the carriage side to side. I took the gearbox off the carriage and found three missing teeth on the main drive gear. A slow speed gear with reasonably low forces made fixing the gear an easier choice than purchasing a new one and modifying to fit.


Existing machinery is usually a mix of off the shelf parts, custom items and modifications over time. A winch I was working on needed a small hydraulic cylinder replaced and fortunately the majority of it was NFPA dimensionally compliant. The clevis end wasn't though so I had to make one.

Axle Shafts

An acquaintance was trying to get a 4x4 vehicle ready for a big trip next weekend and found he needed some axle shafts modified to complete his build. They were holding him up and he didn't want to waste the whole weekend because the regular shops are closed so I turned them down for him.

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