Why Stuff Done Right?

I'm always working on something whether it is the house or out in the shop. Some of the projects are just because I am capable of it and can't afford to pay someone else but much of it is because I enjoy working and making things. Even things that I would pay someone else to do if I could are still interesting. Anyway, since I think what I work on is interesting I'd like to show off and share some of it with other people. Obviously I always want it to turn out good but sometimes that doesn't happen but even that might be useful to someone else and show them what not to do or give them an idea.

Why have a store?

I figure there must be at least a few people who have a similar desire for quality that might appreciate being able to purchase some of the things I have made. I know I would if someone else did. Often the additional time and material cost to make multiple parts is not much more than making a single part so there really isn't much reason not to. Some processes don't even make sense if you aren't making more than one.

Anyway, if I can sell a few puzzles or a 2nd table then I can purchase more machines and material. More machines and material gives me a chance to actually create more of the things I want to make. And so the cycle continues!

Who am I?

My name is Ivan. I live in Bryan, Texas and work as a mechanical engineer designing custom tools and deployment systems for the offshore geotechnical and geochemical exploration industry. I went to Texas A&M for school and graduated back in 2009 then moved out to California to work for the Navy in the desert. That was a fun job and I learned alot (much more than I ever did in school) but California ain't Texas so I came back in 2011. Now that I am back I don't intend to ever leave.

My wife and I got married while I was still in school back in 2008. She went to UT for a teaching degree and stays home with the children now. Speaking of children, we have 2 girls and a boy. They were all born in 2015 (yep, triplets) and are responsible for many of the projects needs that I have now.

Now, what drives me? I love learning and making new things. Not sit in a classroom and memorize stuff learning, real get out there and see how stuff works learning. That is one of the fun things about new projects, not only are you making something, but you learn stuff along the way! So, all kinds of projects and materials are fun but my favorite is anything mechanical and especially stuff made out of metal.