Garage Room

When we bought our Westwood Main house the garage had been converted to another bedroom. I wish it hadn't though because the conversion was horrible and I ended up ripping everything out. It would have been easier to start fresh and that taught me a lesson. Next time I will completely demo everything and start from zero.

Master Fan

The master bedroom fan is the only one I haven't touched yet in the Westwood Main house. It finally ate a bearing and jumped up on my priority list. Now replacing a fan shouldn't really be much of a project, maybe an hour or so. Unfortunately when the general populace thinks they can paint and the federal government meddles in light fixture design it grows into a few hour dance of stupidity.

Austin Garden

The first limestone raised garden that I made for us looked good and appeared to work nice so when Elizabeth wanted to give a raised garden as a Christmas gift I made another one with limestone slabs. This time I didn't want to do as much digging though and had a smaller time window to do it so I went with a different implementation.

AC Pad

When the ancient AC at our house finally died I decided not to do the new install myself but there were a few things I did do because AC guys are busy in the summer and I wanted special features. One of those features was mounting the condenser unit outside up high so it doesn't get dinged by the lawnmower and infested with ants.


Things looked like we would be able to pay off the house in maybe just a couple years so I didn't want to build a garage when we would just move. So I started building a nice shed I could take with me when I moved and then use it as a guest cottage.

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