A shed / guest cottage

So this will be a long Story by the time it is done I am sure. Finances were looking good and it seemed like we would be able to pay off the house quick and therefore sell it and move to a more final house with land etc... So, I decided that I wanted something better to work out of besides the existing shed that came with the property but I didn't want to invest in a shop on this property. Life changes and kids + oil prices dropping + my sister moving onto the same street changed the equation back to a longer term stay which means a real shop so the original short term need for this project is no longer driving it.

The shed is almost finished though and the longer term goal of serving as a sort of guest cottage is still just as valid as ever.

But the story can't be told yet because I don't haev time right now. Here are some pictures and eventually one day there will be a completed shed and text to explain it all.