Garage Room

When we bought our Westwood Main house the garage had been converted to another bedroom. I wish it hadn't though because the conversion was horrible and I ended up ripping everything out. It would have been easier to start fresh and that taught me a lesson. Next time I will completely demo everything and start from zero.

Back Porch

Houses should all have big covered porches. Not only do they protect door from water but they give you a place to sit or work on thing when it is rainy outside. My house has a small concrete back porch but it isn't covered so I am going to fix that.


The AC return in this house was the only place a couch naturally fits in the living room despite the fact that the plenum was also adjacent to the entry hall. So I moved the return over to the hall wall and while I was at it upgraded the system filter are and added an electronics closet in the bottom of the plenum.


The most pressing project priority for me is putting a roof over the back porch so I can have a little space to work on things whenever it is raining. Before I do that though I have to take care of the chimney. Things aren't right and there is going to be some rot.

Kids Window

The kids rooms is small and we needed to put one of the cribs up against the wall. Kids and blinds/curtains right next to their bed doens't work that well so I made a false window to cover up some blinds. We can still use the blinds but the kids can't hurt themselves or ruin them.

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