Fabrication Equipment - Current

240v Spot Welder

I picked up a spot welder from Harbor Freight and started modifying it before I even turned it on (risky thing for stuff from Harbor Freight). It is a key element of sheet metal fabrication.

Fab Equipment - Past

Homemade Stick Welder

While I was still in college I had no cash but wanted to start getting into more metalworking kind of stuff. So I made my first stick welder by rewinding two microwave oven transformers and stuffing them into a box I had. It actually worked and I did a few small projects with it but when I moved to California I wanted more power so I made this one. Again, microwave oven transformers rewound for low voltage/high amperage. This one used four transformers, had an overheating protection circuit breaker, a built in fan and multiple taps so I could adjust amperage. It worked much better than the first but I have since moved up to a small flux core/mig machine and a real stick box.