A few drawings of mine

I have always done a lot of drawing. These days it is all for work and sketching out a new idea or planning what a home project will be. I used them to get my ideas down on paper so I don't forget and I can start determining rough dimensions and proportions. Or, they are used to convey my vision of something to someone else to try and shown them what something could look like if they can't envision it for themselves. Once upon a time though I used to draw random things for the sake of drawing. Here are a few of them, you can click on each picture for a larger version of it.

This cactus was a Christmas gift to my eventual grandparents inlaw. I think I drew it in 2007

It's pretty obvious this was for my mother one year. I can't remember when exactly, probably in the 2005-2006 timeframe.

Another one that I gave as a Christmas gift to my aunt. It was sometime while I was in college probably 2006-2009.

I think this is the best drawing I have done (and best I ever will). Counting the auxilary sketches I made to figure out everything and work out some of the details I spent over 50hrs on this one back when I was in high school. Like many of my pictures I looked at a photograph while I was drawing this one but the squirrel in the photo didn't have a tail. As I got into the drawing I decided that it just didn't look right without a tail and cam across as more of a rat than a squirrel so I added it in. I don't think it as impressive as some of the details like the eyes or nose but it really sells it as a squirrel.

I drew the squirrel for a contest in the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo and I won the category as well as a sculpture category. I don't have any pictures of it but the bust of a cowboy that won the sculpture category was marginal at best according to my standards and I didn't expect it to win. When things went to auction though that stupid cowboy got twice as much as the squirrel. While the money from that auction was helpful for college I still regret selling that squirrel, I would happily buy it back for the auction price if I ever saw it again.