Ant Colony Castings

Ants are really interesting creatures and I used to spend hours laying in a hammock watching them gathering food or getting caught by ant lions. Fire ants in particular make really interesting tunnel structures that differ with the seasons and the individual colony. Almost every time I fire up the furnace I check to see if there are any mounds in the yard. There usually is so I administer a dose of liquid metal pest control. It isn't something I would do to most creatures but with all the stings they give to me and the children I don't have much sympathy. I figure a metal casting is not only quick but it creates a monument to the ants industry instead of silently ending their existance like poison would.

Aluminum Castings

Price: Small $55, Medium $80, Large $95

Shipping: At cost, roughly $20 within Texas for a small casting up to $90 for a large one across the country.

Bronze Castings

Bronze is beautiful but the higher pour temperature and raw material cost makes them much more expensive.

I haven't even poured one for myself yet because of the cost.

Price: $9.75/pound

Shipping: At cost, from approximately $30 in Texas to $110 across the country.