Stainless Laser Cut Puzzles

Puzzles are back from the laser cutting shop! Build log: Laser Cut Puzzles

They are cut from 1/8" thick stainless steel and measure 5"x5" (5mm x 127mm x 127mm). The result weighs almost 1 pound (400g) which is satisfyingly heavy and more than a standard can of soda.

Since both sides of each piece look identical this is more difficult to solve than 20pcs might suggest and takes most adults 5-15 minutes the first time they see it. Perfect for a coffee table or desk toy.

To preserve the fun of assembling a brand new puzzle without knowing the solution, the pictured samples are prototypes with a different pattern than the batch I made for others.

Price:$30, 2pcs/$53, 4pcs/$94

Shipping: Free

On Ebay

Because a known venue is easier than emailing a stranger etc... and who knows if I'll even give you what you pay for? Ok,I promise I would but I put them up on ebay anyway (at an unfortunately higher cost due to fees).

Laser cut stainless steel puzzle - Item 325066116517