Homemade Power Hacksaw

Well, I don't know if I can say I'm proud of it but I made a power hack saw before I got my hands on any of the bandsaws that I have now. It was crude, noisy and not particularly good but it did work and was incredibly useful during the trailer build. I made it from stuff I had lying around. Things like the guts of an old scroll saw, some thin channel from the original trailer deck, square tube from the scrap yard, a hunk of steel from a drill test program back in college, etc. Here it is cutting part of itself while I was making it.

It worked and saved me more time cutting material than I spent making it so it was worth the while but if I were to do one again (which I see no need to ever do) I would incorporate some method of picking up the blade for the back stroke, that drag on the return really adds to the heat generated and eats up the blades.

Once I actually got some bandsaws there wasn't any need for it anymore so when I moved the useful parts like the motor went back into the materials pile and the body went to the scrap yard.