Triple Bunk Bed

We started with cribs that converted to a crib size bed for the children and they slept in those for 4 years. They were starting to get tight in those though and it was time to move up. We'd like them to stay in the same room for awhile longer though and the only reasonable way to fit 3 twin mattresses in that room was to make custom bunkbeds.

Kid Eating Table

The kids have outgrown the triplet table so we need a new mealtime solution. Our kitchen is very small and options squeezing in a place for adults to eat as well as children is a little demanding. They also make a mess underneath the table which makes a standard table and bunch of little chairs seem like a hassle. So, more custom furniture.

Ball Toy

On a youtube video my wife and I saw this toy with thousands of ball bearings sandwiched between two panes of plastic. We both thought it was cool and she particularly wanted one. Well, I looked around and found it was a desk toy from 1966 called Atomix and didn't exist anymore. So, the answer is obviously to make one.

Ball Tracker

The kids have a little set of ramps that special cars fall down. I think it is pretty cool but they aren't that interested. Apparently it is too small and fast for them to follow. That means a bigger, slower version is needed!


Step #? in baby proofing the house, the great baby wall. The living room is our safe zone and the kitchen by nature is not. There is a big 11ft opening that connects the two and since we wanted to separate them we needed something that the kids couldn't knock over that spanned that big distance. I didn't think anything on the market would works so I made a fence to keep them out.

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