Triplet Table

Ok, I'm not actually going to get around to making a build page for this. I'm not even sure what pictures I have. The seats are bought online somewhere (replacement seat that go in classroom tables) and I welded up a 2" square tube frame to hold a slab of 3/4" plywood. I made the frame the right height for going out in my shop as a work surface when we are done with it. The frame is coated in shellac but the plywood is coated in glossy poly-urethane for easy wiping.

This thing has been absolutely vital to the functioning of our house and is way better than any high chair or booster seat solution to triplet baby eating could have been. They are getting too darn heavy to pick up and starting to need more independence thought so the table is near the end of life and you know what that means: another project, a kid eating table.